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15 Jan,2019, Yanya town,Yiyuan,Shandon.Growers are busy with mushroom shiitake.

Yanya town is famous for cherry,,and many growers become rich by shiitake produce.However, in prior years, the farmers had nothing to do after cherry harvest especially in winter. 

In order to help the farmers to increse income and with the support of local governent and a company,a rural housewife named Ding Xuefang establised a shiitake base supplying mushroom spawn,technology and the mode of “export company+base+growers” ,she guides the growers to grow shiitake by discarded fruit branches and  spawn slag returned to farmland as fertilizer.The shiitakes are exported to EA. 

Till now the base has help more than 400 growers increased  twenty thousand yuan each in their spare time, Ding said it is her greatest hope that everyone is on the well-off road.

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Time :2019-03-11
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Tel: +86-531-67892599
Phone: +86-18005417829