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About us
Shandong Join & Share Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, is a large-scale professional agricultural company integrating production, sales, technical service, and project planning and construction. Our company is committed to the transformation and promotion of agricultural scientific and technological achievements. With Asia as the center, it actively introduces and screens high-quality product resources and advanced agricultural technologies from around the world for popularization and promotion. Our company focuses on the comprehensive processing and exporting of fruits and vegetables. 

The international export business mainly covers the countries along the Belt and Road along the route, North to Russia, West to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries, South to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other ASEAN countries. In addition, we have set up branch offices, research and planting bases, and agricultural product interoperability transfer centers in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
While expanding its overseas cooperation channels, our company actively responded to the National New Rural Construction Initiative. Under the leadership of the China Agricultural Technology Association, we established planting bases in multiple locations in Shandong Province, and provided technical support for a number of 123 industry integration projects. We are committed to building a comprehensive industry that includes agricultural product cultivation, finished product recycling, extended product initial and deep processing, bulk commodity export sales, cross-border e-commerce platform sales, plantation waste recycling, and organic fertilizer production and sales, Combining local resources and the company's own strength.